5 Tips for Getting the Best Deals On Spring and Summer Clothing For Your Kids



Do your kids also look giant compared to last summer? Mine have grown arms and legs everywhere and now that warm weather is (hopefully!) finally here to stay here in Iowa, we’re scrambling around trying to find some warm weather clothing that actually fits.

I know my little man and princess have grown so much they’ll require mostly new gear for the summer months and like many of you, we have to outfit our kids for spring and summer on a budget. If you’re also looking for the best deals on spring and summer clothing for kids, here’s a few ways to save.


Get Organized
Before you start shopping for warm weather gear, clean out the kids closet and dresser and take stock of what you do have and what you don’t. If you have their summer clothing in storage, now is the time to get it out and have them try things on. See what clothing items will still work for spring and summer, and take note of what you’re going to have to purchase and replace. If you have multiple children that are the same gender it’s a great time to see which hand-me-down’s are still in good condition.

After you’ve made note of what your children do have for warm weather and what they’ll need for the lazy days of summer ahead, then make a list of what you’ll need to shop for so you know what to watch for on sale. It’s been months since we’ve worn shorts here in Iowa, and both my kids have grown by leaps and bounds so I know they are both going to need new shorts and sandals, and new swimsuits as well.


Use Coupons In-Store and Online
If you’re shopping online for cute sandals for your toddler for example, do a search for famous footwear coupon code before you check out to see what savings you can score. You might just be surprised with the results! Be sure to join the e-mail lists for your favorite stores to get regular online promo savings codes to save on your family’s favorite brands.


Price Match
Ever see a great price at one store, but wish you could get that same price at another store where you can use coupons, or where it might be closer to home? You can! Most major retailers will price match name brand items and it’s great way to get the best price without running all over town. Plus you can usually still use coupons too! Check out our Coupon FAQ’s for tips on how to price match and a store by store guide.


Get Cash Back
You might be using a credit card to get cash back when you shop in store or online, but are you getting cash back elsewhere for your online purchases too? Sites like Ebates offer cash incentives to do your shopping through them, and will give you as much as 5 or even 10% back at many stores. Be sure if your ordering anything online to use these sites to maximize your savings!



Consignment Rocks
Ever buy you kid the cutest outfit ever, only to have them grow out of it practically before you get it home? Kids grow super fast and sometimes they only wear the clothes we buy them once or twice — if ever. That’s why scouting out consignment stores can be a great place to find like new and very gently used kids stuff. I bought my little man 8 pairs of shorts and 5 tops for under $20 the other day — all brand names and some still had store tags attached! Just check items closely for condition like stains, rips and tears, and be sure to wash everything thoroughly as soon as you bring it home. Plus if you have clothes your kids have outgrown that’s still in great shape, be sure to consign it too for some extra cash to put towards new summer wardrobes.




  1. I always try to use coupons for clothing. When I know I’m heading out to shop, I always look online for any coupons I can print and use in-store.

  2. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Great tips and I love consignment shops, garage sales, thrift stores, etc. I have bought many brand new items or barely used from all of them. You’re so right, they grow out of their clothing in no time at all

  3. These are really helpful tips on how to plan for a new wardrobe or look for new seasonal clothes for everyone, especially kids. Sometimes if you can predict grow spurts, you can find deals on seasonal items for the next year when the new season clothes are put into the store while the past season items are put on sale or clearance. Price matching is something that I didn’t think about in regards to clothes and if stores include it in their policies, I will definitely have to keep an eye out for similar deals. Thanks for the helpful post.

  4. Great I’am ready to learn

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