The Joys of Publishing a Blog Via Dial Up and Appreciating my Internet Service Provider


Last week our family was away on vacation and in between theme parks and other activities I desperately tried to sneek in a few e-mails and blog posts, despite some ancient technology and no wi-fi at the resort. Not only was I not able to get on via wireless, but I actually had to plug into the phone with a cable and access the internet via a method I have not done in almost a decade – using dial up.


While I was struggling early one morning to get online and get some work done before our family headed out for some fun, when my 3 year old little man woke up to me beating up the phone and computer trying to get online. Here is our conversation:



Mommy, what’s wrong with that phone?”


“What do you mean, buddy?”,  I responded.


“It has a cord.”


“It’s an old phone honey. Phones used to have cords. Phones without cords like mommy and daddy use are pretty new.”


“Why do you have to plug your computer into that old phone Mommy? Can’t you get on through the air like at our house?”


“No buddy, not everywhere has fast internet through the air like at our house. This internet is old and slow. I have to use a cord.”


“Is that why you are grumpy, Mommy?”


“Yes, buddy, that is why mommy is very, very grumpy.”


Slow internet service does make me grumpy and I with super smokin’ fast wireless at our house, I had forgotten how terribly slow the “old” internet access used to be even just to send an e-mail, much less to do a blog post filled with high resolution pictures. While our family did manage to survive a week without wi-fi, it did make us appreciate high speed internet service and our internet service providers more and more. The internet has become an important part of our lives the last few years and many of use the internet for more than just e-mail and Facebook and it’s become a source of income and even a full time business for our families.


Fortunately I’m back to high speed service and I don’t have to be grumpy anymore!




  1. I feel your pain. I am going away next month and I’m NOT bringing my laptop (GASP). I’m in the process of begging people to guest post for me while I’m away – I am just going to pray that people still go visit me while I am not there. It’s nerve wracking.

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