#TV on #DVD Review – Laughing Out Loud for the Holidays w/ Simpsons Season 15

We’re continuing our holiday gift idea coverage and next up is our review of one of America’s favorite animated families, the Simpsons.

Simpsons The Fifteenth Season will be releasing on DVD and Blu-ray on December 4th.  This decades comedy shares more adventures of  Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

This compilation is from a season several years ago, but is a fun release for those of you who love Simpsons. My husband is a big fan and he was excited to have this latest release. While I’m only an occasional watcher of the series, we had fun this week sitting down and catching up on these classic episodes from a few years back. My fave is always the celebrity cameos and I love how they work their characters into the story line. The Halloween episodes are also hilarious and a must watch. This set is jam packed with special features you’ll want to check out including the below.


Special Features Include: 

–All Aboard With Matt
–The Unusual Ones
–Living in the Moment
–Audio Commentary On All Episodes
–Sketch Gallery I & II
–Animation Showcase
–Special Language Feature
–The Commercials
–Deleted Scenes

–Blu-ray Bonus Episodes
The Otto Show
Das Bus
It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge


The Simpsons does include some adult humor, innuendo and themes on occasion. Depending on what you allow your children to watch, this comedy collection may be for grown ups only at your house. However that being said it’s a great compilation and is sure to be an appreciated gift for any Simpsons fan on your holiday shopping list.


Look for Simpsons The Complete Fifteenth Season on Blu-ray and DVD everywhere on December 4th. You can also pre-order from Amazon here.



  1. Thomas Murphy says:

    The Simpsons is the best show ever!

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