#Movie Review – Giving a New Slice of the Civil War w/ ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER

If you thought that the presidential election this year was rather vicious, the election season is whole lot bloodier as a historical legend throws his hat into the ring in ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTERnow available on Blu-ray™3D, Blu-ray™ and DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. A citizen by day and a hunter by night, this action-packed film with cutting-edge visual effects shows the Lincoln you know – with one additional quality of which you were unaware….until now.



ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER explores the secret life of Abraham Lincoln before he became President, and the untold story that shaped our nation. Visionary filmmakers Tim Burton (Dark Shadows) and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) bring a fresh and visceral voice to the bloodthirsty lore of the vampire, imagining Lincoln as history’s greatest hunter of the undead.



Based on the New York Times Best Selling novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, ABRAHAM LINCOLN:VAMPIRE HUNTER stars Benjamin Walker (Flags of Our Fathers), Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger), Anthony Mackie (The Adjustment Bureau), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) and Rufus Sewell (The Tourist). The Blu-ray™ 3D and Blu-ray™ are loaded with killer content and hard action, including an exclusive never-before-scene animated graphic novel prequel about the origins of vampires in the U.S.A.


Obviously this is a historical film with more than a few fictional twists in the history. When his mother was killed by a vampire, Abraham’s Lincoln takes on a whole additional secret life that isn’t exactly part of American lore, and that also adds an interesting twist to the Civil War since apparently vampires only fought for the confederacy.


This movie isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who are vampire and action fans, this film does deliver. It’s a bit out there, and if you ignore a few of the plot holes and timing, its’ a fun adventure. The action sequences and fight scenes are very cool and e sure to check out the special features as well. As you can probably guess from the vampire theme, there is lots and lots of violence. This one is rated R and definitely not for the kiddies. Save it for after they’re in bed fast asleep.



 ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER is now available in stores everywhere and you can order from Amazon here. 




  1. i really wanna see this it looks good

  2. heather hrpcha says:

    i want to see this movie

  3. Austin Baroudi says:

    I wasn’t really interested in seeing this movie but from all the reviews I read I guess it’s worth a shot. I’m going to ba waiting till it comes out for Redbox though.

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