Kids DVD Review: Teaching Kids Healthy Habits w/ Barney: Let’s Go To The Doctor

“Why Mom?”


My 3 year old has officially hit the question stage and you’d think he was a reporter interviewing for a big story with the number of questions he asks daily over every single thing. Now that he’s going to preschool, we’re particularly working on hygiene and being healthy.


We’ve checked out a few books at the library and it was also great timing that we recently had the opportunity to review the all-new Barney®: Let’s Go To The Doctor, now available on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand from Lionsgate Home Entertainment and HIT Entertainment. Let Barney and his friends show that going to the doctor is important to growing up happy, healthy and strong. The DVD includes three themed episodes plus three fun bonus features. Here’s a synopsis:

Learn all about brushing teeth, washing hands, exercising and more!  It’s check-up time! Barney teaches that doctors are our friends and shows how pediatricians, dentists and veterinarians keep people and animals healthy and strong! Join Barney, BJ™, Baby Bop™ and Riff™ as they make learning about healthy habits fun for everyone. It’s just what the doctor ordered!


Episodes include:

·        “My Friends, the Doctor and the Dentist”

·        “The Awful Tooth”

·        “Vets”
My little man and I have watched Barney: Let’s Go to the Doctor a couple times now and it’s a fun and entertaining way to bring up some possibly scary topics like going to the dentist or doctor to toddlers. This collection helps teach them that these folks are here to help and that taking care of yourself is important to staying healthy.



·   A Healthy Snack Game

·   Furry Friends Hide and Seek Game

·    “I Love You” Karaoke Music Video



·        “Movement” Bonus Episode

Barney: Let’s Go to the Doctor is now available from retailers everywhere and you can order from Amazon here. For more information on Barney visit You can also follow Barney on Facebook at Apparently big purple dinosaurs are even on Facebook!  LOL  =0)



  1. what a cute movie! would make a great gift for my daughter

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