Holiday Gift Ideas – Giving Gifts That Are Unique & Socially Responsible

Over the last week or so here at 2 Kids and a Coupon we’ve been talking about fun and different gift ideas for everyone on your list. Our next topic up for holiday gift giving season is about giving gifts that are not only really great, but that are socially responsible too!


You definitely want want to pick out the perfect gift for everyone on your list, but did you know that if you purchase from certain companies and organizations, your gift could also help transform lives and fight poverty as well? Fair trade organisations offer unique and quality products for anyone on your list at a fair price, and also gives back to others to support community projects for the poor and in need. Fair trade helps the individuals who produce these goods by enabling them to use their skills to build livelihoods for themselves and their communities.


As a mom of 2 young kids, I’ve become a lot more conscious over the last few years on where the products we buy come from. I know many companies do use unethical business practices and child labor in other countries, and I’m also painfully aware of how my kids could have a radically different lifestyle if they had been born elsewhere on the globe. Fair trade products ensure that the items you purchased were produced in conditions that protect the health and welfare of those who make them, and that there’s also environmental standards for the manufacturers who make them.


The cute organic clothing you buy for a friend’s infant, wonderful bottle of wine or gorgeous jewelry can be a beautiful and treasured gift and your purchase will help support someone in a developing area make a life for themselves and their own family. Your friend or family member will  love the gifts and that the gifts came from a great source as well!


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