How to Grow Traffic & Followers on Your Business or Blog Facebook Page

In the last year here at 2 Kids and a Coupon, we’ve gown by over 15,000+ Facebook fans. I was looking at some old documents and at this time last year, we had just over 2000 fans and thanks to all of you we now have 17,000+!  We’re grateful to each and everyone of you who follows and we know many of you are readers who also have companies or blogs of your own. If you’re also looking to grow your business facebook page, here are a few tips.



One of the current marketing challenges on Facebook is that only a portion of your followers are seeing each post. To make sure that as many of your fans as possible as well as additional potential prospects advertising can make a difference. Facebook does have some packages available to purchase for a free, and occasionally runs promotions where you can get a free credit to try it out.


Add a Button to Your Site Or Blog

Have you seen the “Follow” buttons on websites or blogs? In order for current and potential customers and readers to know you have a Facebook page, you have to tell them. Be sure to have a follow button, box or widget prominently on your site to make it as easy to “Like” you as possible.


Give it a Great Look

The more attractive your page, the more appealing it will be to followers. Be sure to upload a great cover image (the big image at the top of the page) or consider investing in a business facebook page design. That’s one of my goals for 2013 – I’ve been told it can make a huge difference!
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Hold a Contest

Holding a contest or giveaway can be a great way to generate activity and new fans for your page. Just be sure you research Facebook’s contest guidelines so that you know what you can and can’t do for promotions on your page.


Update Regularly

Give readers a reason to want to follow you by providing at least semi-regular content and updates to your page. In addition to links to your site or info about your business, share interesting or funny images, intriguing quotes or other info that might engage your readers and get them talking. While you don’t want to spam, regular updates can keep your name and your company in front of others at a nominal cost.


 Be Share Worthy

Think about the items you have shared with your friends on Facebook. Are your posts that you’re making worthy of a share by readers? By having content that makes others want to share with people they know, it drives traffic and exposure and (usually!) more likes and traffic for your page.


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