Dishes, Water & Linens – Expecting Guests for the Holidays? Here’s What to Do to Get Ready

Much like many of you, the holidays often mean additional guests here at 2 Kids and a Coupon and that means extra cleaning and housework as we prepare for company and also try to keep up with crazy holiday schedules and additional chaos.


Start Cleaning Now
While Thanksgiving is a week away and your guests might not be coming until December, it’s always best to start with heavy duty cleaning early before the craziness of the holidays sets in. Now is a great time for dusting, changing linens in guest rooms, cleaning carpets and more before your schedule becomes filled with upcoming gatherings. Make sure you have fresh sheets and pillowcases, and extra blankets for colder weather. Cracking a window or turning on ceiling fan can help circulate fresh air in a room, and I often spray an air freshener or light a candle to have a fresh clean scent for guests.



Get Stocked
Extra guests mean extra things, and in addition to food and drink, if your company is staying overnight or longer you’ll need extra items as well. Make sure you’re supplied with adequate extra sheets, blankets, pillows and etc., and if you don’t have enough places for visitors to sleep, an air mattress or inflatable bed can be a great thing to have on hand as well. You’ll also want to check your pantry (and coupon stockpile if you have one) to make sure you have adequate groceries for meals, snacks and beverage. If not, a shopping trip may be in order.


Break Out the Holiday Dishes

What’s the fun of having great china, holiday dishes or spectacular glasses or bar ware if you never use it? If you’re expecting holiday guests and you have some great dishes or glassware collecting dust in a box – break it out. The holidays are a great excuse to use it and it can help make your gatherings even more festive. Where possible, run items that have been in storage through the dishwasher to remove dust, or wash by hand for extra delicate items.  If you’re having trouble with water spots on your good holiday dishes or china, a water softener can help get them cleaner and make difference on the quality of your drinking water as well. If you don’t have a system installed in your home, check your local listings for water softeners Youngstown or a provider in your area.



Stretch the Hot Water
Hot water is always at a premium when you have holiday guests. If possible, try to spread out showers over the day to allow your hot water heater time to recuperate. When possible you may also want to run the dishwasher or washing machine at off hours or during the night to conserve hot water during the day for baths and showers, and run your washing loads on cold wherever possible. You may also want to turn up your hot water heater to stretch the hot water supply, just keep it under 125 degrees or you might end up scalding your guests.



Extra Amenities
Hotels offer the mini-soaps and shampoos for guests who may have forgotten theirs at home, and chances are your friends or family might have forgotten an item or two too. Consider having a small basket or tote available with necessities that they can access in case they left something at home. We have a small basket in our guest bathroom we stock with travel size freebies and extras that our guests can use if needed during their stay. It can also be nice to stock extra toilet paper where it can easily be found, and to stack clean towels somewhere visible so that guests know which one to use.



What do you do to get ready for holiday guests?



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