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I’m not proud, but I recently made someone at tech support for a major company cry.


While my husband may (occasionally) disagree otherwise… for the most part I’m a pretty rational and laid back person. However one thing makes beyond crazy.  Yelling, screaming, stomping and even swearing crazy… I absolutely, positively cannot, cannot stand when something doesn’t work properly, especially when it’s something expensive like my computers or electronics.


Our family has invested in good, quality name brand equipment for our home and we take good care of them. As a result I expect them to work, and work correctly. When things go wrong, unfortunately my husband and I just don’t have the technical skills to fix them, which means we end up calling tech support for that item. This is something I hate.


After spending hours on hold or plugging my way through some annoying electronic voice system that doesn’t understand my answers, I’m connected (usually) to someone in a foreign country I can’t understand only to be told my equipment is out of warranty and they can’t help me. That usually just makes me even crazier….


So what do you do when you’re crazy mad, clueless on your Mac, PC or Tablet and need someone to help? Back in May, my husband bought me a tablet for my birthday. It was a thoughtful gift, and I was totally excited. Until I’ve had to spend over 2 DOZEN phone calls only to have the dumb thing still not work. The company replaced the item 3 times. Still nothing. After spending over 40+ whopping hours on the phone with them, they still couldn’t help me, and I could no longer return the item because the warranty had expired during all of this – even though I couldn’t use the darn thing at all. I was so mad, so very, very mad, I lost it bad enough that I actually made the tech rep cry.


Fortunately for me and for tech support at other companies, a review opportunity has recently presented itself to offer help here at the 2 Kids and a Coupon household. We were recently offered the opportunity to test out a one year unlimited subscription to Geek Squad tech support


I’ve used Geek Squad in the past to save the day, and I admit, I forgot about them for awhile. They saved our hides, as well as our family photos and important tax info a few years back when a virus attack fried our PC. Their friendly agent walked me through, and even was remotely able to access my computer and fix it for me. They spoke English, I didn’t have to talk to an automated voice and they helped me quickly. However I had forgotten about them and how great they were to help until I was recently offered the opportunity to review their services.


If you’re not aware, in addition to in store support at your local Best Buy, Geek Squad can offer home support too. While I was aware that I could purchase protection policies for computer hardware, I didn’t know that Geek Squad also offers support for software issues too! Geek Squad tech support offers one year subscriptions with unlimited access to immediate support, 24/7, 365 days online to help with support not only in store, but via online chats, remote access and phone support. Their assistance includes virus removal, full diagnostics and repair of operating system and software issues for up to three computing devices.  This is a great way to get help that fits you: online, over the phone, in stores and at home and includes Internet Security Software, computer tune-ups, software, hardware and operating system installations and troubleshooting help. The one membership covers up to three computing devices and tablet devices – no matter where you bought them and you also get on-demand access to an expansive library of “how-to”  online videos so that you learn how to get more out of your devices. If they can’t fix the issue online, it even covers instore repairs, and it covers, Macs, PC’s and even your tablets – regardless of where you bought it.


Deciding I couldn’t take another couple hours on the phone with the “other” tech support only to fail again, I decided to ask the folks at Geek Squad to step in and avoid tears ahead of time. I spent some time on the phone and chat with them this week and after having them check out out computer and wi-fi settings, it turns out my wireless modem is to blame not only for my tablet issues, but also for some other computer problems I’m having as well. In a few easy clicks I was able to give the agent remote access to my PC, and he took over from there to perform the needed updates and to investigate the situation.


Geek Squad wasn’t able to totally repair my issue since it turns out the wireless modem which needs to be replaced. However they were at least able to give me some insight an solution to the problems I’ve been having — where the other company’s tech support had not. I finally got an answer on what was going on for the first time in 6 months and no one even had to cry this time.

If you’ve got technical issues with your computers or tablets, or if you’re buying these devices for gifts this holiday season, a Geek Squad protection plan would be a great gift to go with them.



Ask about Geek Squad protection at your local Best Buy store, or you can start by chatting with an Agent at, or by calling 1-800 GEEK SQUAD (1-800-433-5778). Tech Support customers can also get up to 90 minutes of in-home support for a $49.99 fee per visit. The agents at Geek Squad can help solve the issues that you can’t, no tears involved.


This time of year they do get pretty busy, so for the quickest assistance it can help to call at a different hour than their busy evening prime time. You’ll also be able to get rolling quicker too if you have your account code handy when you login or call..  But other than that, get a “geek” to help you fix it.


I’ll be sharing more soon on how Geek Squad is helping our family keep our electronics running properly. Stay tuned!



  1. […] Over the last few years we’ve been battling it out with various tech support folks at wireless modem companies thinking we were getting a dud modem after a dud modem, when after just a few minutes on the phone with the Geek Squad we were able to diagnose that it was actually some electrical issues in our home that was causing our modem to fry. Yes, we have to address these issues with the folks at the power company, but in the mean time a super heavy duty surge protector can help save our wireless modems, our wi-fi signals and our sanity. (see my earlier geek squad post on how I made a tech support person cry.) […]

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