Shopping for w/ @HP XL Ink Cartridges + 20 Dollar Walmart Card Give Away – Ends 10/27

While our family uses coupons and smart shopping to save money, we truthfully also do it to save time. Stocking up on savings and having the things our family needs on hand at home saves huge amounts of time and unneeded trips to the store. As a working mom with 2 kids (kinda guessed that from our name, didn’t ya? LOL), a husband, a house, a full time job AND a blog, one thing I don’t have a lot of of is time. I work often 60-70+ hours a week or more, and just don’t have a lot of extra time for last minute trips to the store when our family runs out of things.

One of the supplies our family uses a LOT of is printer ink. We use a lot of coupons (kinda guessed that from our title too, huh?) and since we’re in a rural area, we usually don’t get most of the “good” coupons in the weekly newspaper inserts. As a result, we rely almost exclusively on printable coupons when it comes to racking up our big savings at the register. We print many times a day for coupons, as well as other family related stuff, so it was a great opportunity when we were recently asked to shop for and do a review for XP’s XL Ink cartridges. A few weeks ago we headed out to Walmart to buy them and have been testing them out in the weeks since. Here’s our story.


Our mission that we were given was to buy HP’s XL ink cartridges. These larger sized cartridges, fit in your regular HP printer just like a regular cartridge, but they hold more ink and offer more prints. By printing as much as 40% more per cartridge, these XL size cartridges last longer and will print lots more homework assignments, household paperwork, coupons or whatever you need. HP now offers a wide assortment of XL links at Walmart so that you can stock up on the ink you need during your regular grocery shopping.


I headed out with the kids in search for ink, along with a few other things during a quick run to the store after work one evening. Our small town Walmart can sometimes have a limited selection due to its size, but I found the ink quickly in the computer and electronics section where I picked up both a color and a black cartridge.


Now being a frugal shopper and deal blogger, I have to admit at first, I paused for a moment on the price. These HP XL ink cartridges do cost more than the regular sized ones. However, we also do a LOT of printing at our house and the regular size ink cartridges run out too quickly for us — so I decided it was definitely worth giving these plus sized versions a try.

In addition to our HP XL Ink cartridges, I was also asked to do some additional shopping to show how far we could stretch our  given dollar shopping budget. Using coupons and shopping clearance as well, I was able to pick up some oranges, some Betty Crocker cake mixes and some Gorton’s seafood for that evenings dinner. I also got a couple bottles of Dial body wash for a charity donation project we were working on for another post. It was nice being able to pick up the ink right here in our home town with our other groceries, and not have to make a 30 minute or more drive to a bigger city with more shopping options.


 Since buying the cartridges a few weeks ago, we’ve been putting them to the test printing coupons, fun Halloween projects and more. We often go through a couple cartridges or more a month with our printing, but so far the HP XL ink is still going strong. While slightly higher priced than the normal sized ink cartridges, they’re definitely getting way more prints and lasting  us longer, that way we can save our shopping trips for more fun things like which glitter pumpkin to buy for our porch.


HP XL ink is a new must have for our house, and is also definitely something you’ll want to pick up to have on hand for coupon printing, homework assignments and more. They’d be great to send to college students who are away at school, and if a new wireless printer is on your holiday shopping list, don’t forget to pick up these to go with it!


Look for HP XL ink at your local Walmart, and you can also order online at One very lucky 2 Kids and a  Coupon reader is also going to win a $20 Walmart gift card to try out HP XL ink yourself. See below for how to enter!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a Walmart gift card as part of a promotional program with MomSelect to do this shopping trip and test this product. However all opinions expressed are my own. 

*Compared with single, standard HP ink cartridges. Based on average retail pricing, actual prices may vary.



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