How to Find Paid Writing Jobs When You’re a Blogger, Freelancer or Contractor

Since we’ve started our site here at, we often get inquiries from other newer bloggers and freelance writers on ways that they can get going on earning additional writing income. Even before starting this site, I’ve worked as a freelance writer for many years, and there are several different ways you can find paid blogging and writing opportunities. Here are just a few places to get you started.


Get Experience & Established

Before you’re going to get paid for writing or blogging, you’ve got to prove yourself first. Get some great blogging posts or writing articles put together that can showcase what you can do and use these as your examples when applying for opportunities.


Search Online

The classifieds aren’t just in the paper anymore. Paid opportunities are online, and you may have to do some searching to find them, but it always pays off. In addition to search engines, I also search social media like Facebook and Twitter. You’d be surprised at what you can find!


Get Represented
One of the main ways that I get writing opportunities for my blog here at 2 Kids and a Coupon is through different groups that represent bloggers and writers. Regardless of what type of writing or freelance work you might do, a contractor management agency can help you find opportunities that you didn’t even know were available. I’m even writing this post for this type of group right now!


Pitch Back
If you’ve been blogging any amount of time, you’ve probably gotten inquiries from companies or PR agencies inquiring about guest posts, free coverage or more. These companies are “pitching”you for coverage, why not pitch them back? Respond and let them know that you’d love to cover them, and why they should pay you to do so.


Do it Yourself
Some of the most creative ways I’ve seen bloggers and writers monetize their writing is by doing it themselves through affiliate links. By writing great articles, and including just a few relevant links to sites you earn from, you can earn income from articles even if they are not sponsored. Writing a blog post w/ recipes? Include links to Amazon to show readers where to order the cookware you’re using, or to a coupon affiliate for your readers to save on the ingredients for the recipe.


Write, Write, Write
The more your write and publish, the more your chances of getting seen and considered for paid writing opportunities. So even if you aren’t making money just yet, keep writing and keep blogging. You’ll be able to make money from blogging or writing before you know it!





  1. This is a great post! I run AdvertiseWithBloggers and am always on the lookout for great bloggers who are dedicated to what they do. Stop by, sign up and I’ll contact you when I have a job that fits your site.

    Bobbie Anne

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