Why Having a Preschooler Means Plumbing Problems – #Mommyhood

Want to know the scariest phrase in the world to the mom of a toddler?  Three simple words is all it takes to strike fear in my heart — and to my wallet… Those magic words? “Uh Oh Mom!!”


 I’m not really sure why the toilet is so fascinating to toddlers and preschoolers, except maybe because we spend so much time on it. We’re just wrapping up potty training (hooray!) here at the 2 Kids and a Coupon house, and have spent countless hours upon hours, upon hours in the bathroom waiting for my little man to do his business.


Before becoming a mom, I never thought I’d spend so many hours of my adult life waiting for someone else to pee. It apparently takes awhile when you’re  3 and everything and anything requires in depth discussion and the other dreaded toddler phrase “Why?”. We’ve had WAY more conversations about the good old commode than I could ever care to count, and part of that has also been trying to explain in 3 year old terms where all that potty goes after we hit that magic flush lever.


I thought I had done a good job explaining plumbing in terms my little man could understand, especially since I had worked as a copywriter for one of the nation’s largest firms in years past. However my little man has apparently decided to put his knowledge of how the potty works to the test and use the power of the flush to (at least TRY) to suck down anything and everything he things MIGHT fit down the drain. As a result the potty has seen toy trains, dinosaurs, hot wheels and more. Instead of trouble going away, it just seems to be drawing my little guy full of trouble to the drain to see what else he can fit down it.


What’s the weirdest thing your little guy ever flushed down the toilet?



  1. Mine never did because they make those handy dandy toilet locks…much better priced than a plumbing bill. But we have a new house and the nine month old to soon worry about. So I might have a story one day.

  2. When my daughter was young she flushed a Christmas ornament down. The ball fit perfectly enough in the pipe to get severely lodged in, resulting in a new toilet. Luckily, I was renting and the plumber was really cool, didn’t put the blame on me so the landlord hat to foot the bill :)

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