#Review – 5 Reasons I Took my Kids to See @WWE in Person and You Should Too

You’re taking the kids WHERE?? Last weekend when I announced to friends and family members where we were taking the kids for an evening show, many of them couldn’t believe it. They were shocked that (rather) conservative me, who is really conservative on what my children watch for entertainment was going to take my children to see WWE wrestling. 


My husband is a lifelong WWE fan. He’s been watching it on TV and attending shows in person with his brother nearly his entire life and now that our kids are getting old enough he’s been wanting to share his passion with them. As a mom who is rather careful on what entertainment her children views, I was originally was a little hesitant to take our kids to an event, however I recently had a change of heart as our family was offered the chance to see WWE in person and decided to give it a chance when WWE Smackdown made a stop in Des Moines, Iowa .

While I’m not a regular fan like my husband is, our family had a blast at the show. The entire event was family friendly, we had a great time, and here’s the reasons as a mom, I’ll take my kids back again to see another show. 


It Gives Kids Heroes, and Bad Guys Too
When you’re a kid, there’s not a lot in life you can control, and things in life can get a bit scary sometimes. Having heroes you can believe in who stand up to bad guys are important, and it was fun to see the little kids in the crowd who were so dedicated to their wrestling heroes wearing their hats and shirts, carrying handmade signs and more. I love that the WWE performers set positive role models for kids and judging by the huge number of parents who also had kids at the event, I’m not the only one.



It Sets a Positive Fitness Example
The WWE performers are celebrities, but part of the reason they are so is their physiques. They all work out a lot, and show kids and grown-ups alike the rewards of physical fitness and being in shape. While I know that no matter how many trips to the gym or hours on the treadmill I do that I won’t look like the performers or be able to do their tricks, it did give me some extra incentive to start working out more, and they definitely inspire kids to exercise and get into shape.


The Crowds Are Crazy – and Fun Too!
Nope, the Hulk didn’t really make an appearance in Des Moines, Iowa. There were a couple crazy die hard wrestling fans sitting ringside dressed as Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage that had a ball with their personas and that were even working the crowd and posing for photographs. They stayed in character the whole evening and were a trip to watch and listen to. There also were a few other character look-a-likes and folks in costume, and it was a fun place to people watch before and after the show.


The only part of it we didn’t enjoy were that the young enthusiastic fans sitting behind us accidently gave us a pixie stick shower at the beginning of show when they started jumping up and down and cheering.  We got covered head to toe, and since the WWE shows are so exciting,  I wouldn’t recommend giving your kids 3 feet of open sugar prior to the event or they might give the neighbors a shower as well.


It’s Fun (and Safe) Entertainment, Even for Little Fans

I’m not sure my little man at age 3 was fully sure why everyone was yelling and cheering, but everytime the the crowd went nuts, he did too — and when you’re three you don’t really even need an excuse to jump up and down and scream at the top of your lungs. He loved the whole show, although he wanted to know why the guys wrestled in just their underwear and why grown men had “sparklies” sewn onto their butts. I told him mommy didn’t know the answer to that one, but if you have a good answer for me to tell him, let me know.  :)

But seriously, as mom I loved that the show was family friendly. While yes, they did wrestle, there was no violence, no blood and nothing in appropriate that my 3 and 8 year old shouldn’t see which is more than I can say even about most shows on TV these days, including children’s programming.  I’ll definitely take my kids to another show and they’ve already enjoyed the new WWE kids TV show that airs on Saturday mornings that’s also family friendly.


Girls Can Wrestle Too

Our 8 year old was a little worried the wrestlers were really hurting each other, but after we reassured her that the whole thing was just a performance and pretend, she had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the excitement, cheering along with the crowed. While she had watched WWE on TV many times with her dad, this was the first time she had seen it up close and was totally surprised that they had girl wrestlers in addition to the guys. She asked several questions about how they got so strong and fit, and we talked about how they work out and exercise a lot just like the men wrestlers and can get just as strong as the boys do. Since she’s only in second grade, I didn’t mention that the girls also had a bit of surgical enhancement to particular body parts. I figure that’s a conversation we can have when she gets a bit older. 


Overall, while I’ll never be as big of a fan as my husband, attending a WWE event was a fun family outing that we all enjoyed. The kids in particular had a blast, cheering the good guys and booing the bad. The show we attended in Des Moines was not performed for TV. While it didn’t have as many of the big names, and wasn’t as focused on character & storybuilding taunts and storyline like what’s on TV. It was more action, less talking and faster paced, and held their attention the whole time. I look forward to our next show, and it’s definitely a fun event to consider for your family. 


For more information on WWE and upcoming events in your area, visit www.wwe.com.



  1. I never thought about blogging about my WWE experiences, great to see someone tried out a live show & enjoyed it. My children, husband & I attend every year in our area. We’re the crazy fans who dress up, make signs & wait behind the arena to catch a glimpse and maybe a photo or autograph from our favorites. We’ve even been crazy enough to sleep on the sidewalk to get good tickets. :) We met some wonderful superstars over the past few years: Cryme Tyme’s JTG & Shad, R-truth, John Morrison, Brodus Clay, MVP & Matt Striker. My husband met Earl Hebner. We’ve met referee Charles Robinson & ring announcer Justin Roberts as well. They all took time to say hello to their fans, heck, Brodus Clay was late going back inside because I asked him to pose for a photo with my godson who’s a huge fan of him!! And, to tell your 3 year old why they wrestle like that, just tell it’s a costume. They get to dress for Halloween everyday at their job!

  2. I’ve been to WWE live once, but I too would totally take my kids :)

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