Reader Comments – What Are Your Best Fall Baking Tips? Part 2

Does this cool fall weather have you craving some warm baked treats? Recently I asked 2 Kids and a Coupon readers to share your best baking tips. Here’s what you said!


Dorothy H. says:
I plan ahead and have everything out and softening and whatever even before I start.
susan s. says:
to save time i always use a mix to bake!


jules mc. says:
measure all ingredients before you start, have everything nearby


Kristen m says:
My tip is to cook with olive oil.
Melanie M. says:
I get everything out ahead of time.
Kerrie M. says:
I mix everything up in the bag that the mix came in if it is something like muffins or brownies that just need to have the mix moisten to save dishes.
AEKZ2 says:
My tip is to use egg beaters instead of eggs (it’s faster for me and cleaner)
Ed N. says:
Use the butter sleeves for greasing a cookie sheet!
Penny B W says:
Read through the entire recipe first so you are sure you understand each step and there won’t be any surprises later!
Jessica says:
I always take out all the ingredients at once to make sure that I have everything necessary to make whatever recipe I’m putting together.
Beverly M. says:
I sometimes double the recipe and freeze half for later. Thanks for this contest.
Christy says:
I make sure I have all of the ingredients measured before mixing it together.
Heather says:
I add extra water and oil to make it moist

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