Car Repair to Columbus – How to Get the Most Info Online Without Being Buried

The world wide web is packed with great info. So how do you narrow down everything out there to just get the info you need? Here are a few great tips to get the most success out of your searches online.


Use the Most Words Possible
By giving search engines the most information possible, you’ll get the best results. Use as many relevant words for your search as possible, and if you don’t get the results that you were looking for, try again with a similar phrase, but with slightly different word variations. Sometimes word combinations can make all the difference in getting the results!

Get City Specific
If you need a contractor or service provider located in a particular area, try including a city or neighborhood name like “car repair columbus” and that should help narrow things down.

Get Real Time News With RSS
If you’re not using a RSS reader like Google or MyYahoo you’re missing out on a easy way to stay in the know. I use one of these to stay on top of deals and coupons, and to see updates from my favorite blogs.

Get Social
Be sure to follow your favorite companies and blogs on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This is a quick and easy way to get quick updates in your news stream. I use these to keep me up to date on my favorite blogs and it’s especially easy to stay informed via mobile when I’m on the go.


Use Multiple Emails
Has your e-mail inbox gotten out of control? To keep messages grouped together, and still be able to get the important messages too, it can often be easiest to use multiple e-mail accounts. Use one for personal and important stuff, one for special offers or coupons, one for work, and etc. This way you can know which account to check when, without having your main personal account buried with promo offers.

Go Digital
Did you know that many coupons and retailers now use text, e-mail and online offers? They’ll send any promos directly to your phone and save you having to search for that printed coupon you weren’t ever able to find anyway.

Happy Searching!


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