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If you’ve ever had a seriously sick or injured child, you know how stressful that it can be.  Just worrying about your little one is enough to deal with, imagine if you had to figure out where to live during their hospital stay as well.


While I had heard of the Ronald McDonald house before, I wasn’t really aware of what all they did until a few years ago when my son was born. After months of hospitalization during my pregnancy, and a traumatic delivery my little guy was born 8 weeks early and barely tipped the scale at 4 pounds. We were 100+ miles from home, and had a lengthy hospital stay in front of us while our little man grew bigger and stronger in the hospital NICU.


If you’re not aware, the Ronald McDonald House was founded by Philadelphia Eagles football player Fred Hill and his wife, Fran, when they learned that their daughter, Kim, had leukemia. While traveling into Philadelphia for treatment at the children’s hospital, they met other families with sick children in the same situation. These families drove hours to the hospital to be with their children, only to sleep overnight in waiting room chairs and to eat from vending machines because they had nowhere else to go.


The Eagles enlisted the help of their local McDonald’s restaurants to raise money for the first-ever house. In 1974, the Philadelphia House opened bearing the name of McDonald’s happy clown, Ronald McDonald. Today there are over 300 Ronald McDonald Houses worldwide, all serving the needs of families during their child’s hospitalization. Each House is independently owned and operated. McDonald’s is only one of many generous donors, so community-wide support is the essential ingredient for each House. Any family is eligible to stay at the Ronald McDonald House regardless of their ability to pay for their room, and many of the families there come with just clothes on their backs. The house provides not only lodging, but food, toiletries and much, much more.


My husband and I had been living out of my hospital room during my couple month stay, but after my discharge, we still needed place to stay since we were so far from home.  We knew it might be quite some time until my little guy could come home, so paying for a hotel room for that long of stay wasn’t in our budget and we needed someplace near the hospital. The local Ronald McDonald house took us in and gave us a warm and welcome place to stay until my little guy was able to come home.


 Here’s my little “premie” ready to go shopping. He’s a big guy now, and he even brought along his own baby to help us shop!

It’s 3 1/2 years later and my little guy is now big, strong, healthy and happy. We’ve never forgotten the difference the Ronald McDonald house made in our lives when we needed them. This week when we were offered the opportunity to shop for some donations as part of the Champions for Kids initiative for the charitable group of our choice, we instantly knew that the this is where we needed collect our items for.


If you haven’t heard of Champions for Kids, it’s an ongoing mission to mobilize millions of people by providing training and resources to  improve the lives of kids and families in communities across America. Their goal is to mobilize 20 million people by 2020 and we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to make a donation to a group that matters so much to us.


So yesterday we headed out together as a family to purchase some products that we could take to give back to the Ronald McDonald House and help them help other families in need and headed out to Walmart to purchase some of needed items that they have on their donation wishlist.


A beautiful  Iowa day to be out and about — and fall is in full force with pumpkins everywhere!


Toiletries were on our shopping list for donations, since many of the families coming to Ronald McDonald house don’t even have time to pack essentials. Picking up some Dial Soaps in particular was part of our mission.


We found what were looking for, and had to have some fun taking pictures along the way! 


In addition to Dial bar soaps and body wash, we also picked up lots of Dial anti-bacterial hand soaps. If you’ve ever had a sick child or premature infant, you know how important it is to wash your hands constantly.
Sick kids need lots of love, but families have to wash up first to keep their kids safe!


We purchased a variety of items to donate, and we’ll be collecting even more all this week from friends and family members to make a bigger donation next weekend.  Check out our complete Dial into Giving Simple service project shopping trip in photos here, and watch for part two of this special mission coming soon!



For more information about Ronald McDonald House Charities, please visit For more information on Champions for Kids visit www, You can also follow Champions for Kids on Twitter and on Facebook.  You can also follow Dial on Facebook at and on Twitter at @DialNutriSkin.


Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Dial Soaps  #DialCFK  #CBias #SocialFabric. Information on the Ronald McDonald house courtesy of their website. 


  1. Looks great! Nice post!! I’m glad you were able to help a group so near and dear to your heart! LOVE CFK!!!

  2. What a beautiful story. I have often heard wonderful things about Ronald McDonald. I also had a premie boy that had to be in intensive care for eight weeks. It was the scariest and most heart wrenching time of my family’s life. That was 26 years ago, and my boy grew up to be a healthy and wonderful guy. He became an airborne paratrooper in the Army, formed his own band in Seattle, got a college education, and is living a good life. I could not even imagine that he would live when he was born, but we got a happy ending, and I am so happy you did too.
    Your little guy is beautiful.

  3. Carolyn Colley says:

    Rhonald McDonald house is dear to my heart, my grandson was born with a severe heart condition, and my daughter & son-in-law could have not got through this without their support.

  4. Wow, that’s a great idea. I had no idea the is what Ronald McDonald’s house does. I’m so glad they were able to help you in your time of need.

  5. What a great idea, and I’m so glad there is a resource for families in need. The last thing anyone should have to worry about when their kiddo isn’t well is where they’ll sleep and what they’ll eat!

  6. Wow! I have heard of the Ronald McDonald House, I even know exactly where it is here, but I never realized exactly what they do, and how much they do! That is so wonderful that a place like this exists, and even more wonderful that they helped you and you are giving back! I am adding this to my charity list this year. And your little man is so precious!!

  7. I love it when people share their stories of giving! definitely will be stopping by again!

  8. I’ve known about Ronald McDonald house for a long time but had no idea, until now, just how much they do. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. So glad your little guy is doing so well now! Thank God for the Ronald McDonald House and all the wonderful charities that help children and their families!!

  9. How great of you to find special ways to give back. A best friend (and mother to my goddaughter) recently had to use the RM House and it was such a blessing to know she could be right there while they did the open heart surgery. We try to find as many ways as possible to support this really important effort.

  10. My husband’s family also stayed at a Ronald McDonald house, years ago when my hubby was a kid and his dad was sick with a cancer that eventually took his life. Thank you for posting about this and reminding us to support ministries and charities like this that depend so much on needed help.

  11. I want you to know that you are a true Blessing to those families. As a retired Hospice Nurse that have seen the devastation on many parents faces. It is people like you and Ronald McDonald House that help to make a difference in the lives of children.

    Thank you for Paying It Forward to such a worthy cause!

  12. Your son is so precious. Thank you so much for this post… I’m a NICU mom of a 35 weeker and a NICU Aunt of a 29 weeker. The RMD Helped my sister out for over 3 months so she could pump and see her daughter daily. We LOVE them!

  13. A fantastic story. You are so kind to share this time in your life and for giving back!


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