6 Things to Look for When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re looking for a Los Angeles Real Estate Agent or one closer to home, here’s a few tips the next time you’re looking for a realtor.

Look for a Full Time Agent
While many part time realtors are extremely qualified, if you’re serious about buying a home or property, chances are you’re going to need someone who is available on a full time basis. Someone who is in the business part time might have more difficulty working around your schedule and meeting your needs.

Hire Someone Local
A local realtor will understand the particular nuances of the market, and help you get the best prices and options that are available. They understand the community and the property there, and also have connections with other professionals in their industry. This is especially important if you’re looking at properties in a different community, city or state that where you live now.

Have a Family? Look for Someone Kid Friendly
When we were shopping for our current home, my then 3 year old step daughter was obsessed with our realtor. She hugged her, kissed her, sat on her lap and more. Fortunately the realtor was also a mom, and was patient with the extra kid sized love and affection. It helped make our house hunting time easier, and she was also able to make recommendations and point out family oriented features that someone without kids might have missed.

Get Referrals & Recommendations
Not sure who to hire or where to start? Ask friends, family and neighbors for recommendations, or even consider calling the local convention and visitors bureau. They’ll know who new residents are using. Don’t be afraid to ask a  realtor about their track record and for recommendations from satisfied clients.

Find One You’re Comfortable With
When I bought my first home, I was single, and a female realtor made me feel more comfortable, especially considering all the time we spent in the car together and touring empty homes. She was also able to point out features that appealed to a single woman such as lighted parking areas, security access and more.

Hire Someone Tech Savvy
Let’s face it, we live in a digital world and you’ll want someone who can keep up. Whether it’s posting your home for sale on various website, using social media to generate interest or more, you’ll need someone who can work the latest technology to meet your needs.

Happy house hunting!


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