6 Easy Ways to Protect and Grow Long Hair

“Wow… You have a LOT of hair!”   Every time I venture out to a new hairdresser I always get this comment. While cut fairly short for the hot summer weather we’ve had, my hair is normally very long and has always been extremely thick and wavy. While some people use thickening shampoos, I have to have my hair thinned, and it typically also grows really strong and really fast.  I often get compliments even from strangers on my hair, and get asked for advice on how they can grow their hair out long too.



Get Regular Trims

As your hair grows out, it’s always inevitable to get some bad and broken ends. Whether it’s from brushing, general wear, or your toddler deciding to run a motorized toy train through your hair (been there!), have your stylist regularly trim your hair to remove the bad ends and keep your hair healthy and strong.


Avoid Heat
My hair is so thick it takes forever to blow dry, and the heat typically makes it rough and brittle anyway. Instead I usually wash my hair at night and let it air dry. The results are much better and I save time, and damage from the hair dryer.  Just don’t go to bed with it totally wet, or you’ll have horrible bed head in the morning.



Using a hair oil can provide protection and shine in a single application, adds extra shine and can also help with frizziness and flyaways.  I also often use a leave in conditioner to add extra moisture.


Reduce Washings
While I do wash my hair nearly every day, many professionals swear that washing your hair just a few times a week is sufficient and will cause less damage. There’s also a nice variety of dry shampoos to clean your hair without washing that you may want to try.



I condition my hair everytime I wash it, and always make sure to rub conditioner into the ends that need it the most. Leave the conditioner on for a couple minutes while you do other washing to give it a chance to do its job, and then be sure to rinse clean to avoid leaving any residue. Deep conditioning at least once or twice a month can help calm frizzy hair and minmize damage. It will also leave it looking sleeker and smoother after treatment.

Don’t Over Brush
While my grandmother always told me to brush every part of my hair 100 strokes every day, the truth is over brushing can cause tangles and damage. Also, never brush your hair while wet since that can cause pulling and damage. Instead use a pick or wide tooth comb and brush after it is dry. It can also pay off to invest in a high quality hair brush that’s more gentle on hair.


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