Teach Your Kids Back to School Safety Tips & Win Back to School Prizes from Master Lock®

With school getting ready to go back into session, kids are going to be spending more time away from our watchful eyes. What do your kids know about staying safe and secure when you’re not with them?

We’ve already had talks with our second grader on staying safe, and even my little man who is starting preschool knows safety basics like not to  talk to strangers and who to go to for help when mom and dad aren’t around. Teens and tweens need even  more guidance. Did you know that  young adults are exposed to identity theft and other forms of security threats more than people of any other age?


To combat this trend, Master Lock® is launching “The Master Combo Challenge,” an interactive game accessible through the company’s Facebook page. Students and their parents can play the game to not only discover tips on how to stay safe at school but the best products that will keep their possessions secure. The “Master Combo Challenge” also offers parents and their students a chance to win back-to-campus-themed prizes, including the new Set-Your-Own Combination SafeSpace™ Laptop Computer Lock. Play the game and ensure that a safe, secure, and successful school year lies ahead for both you and your children!
More information about the Master Combo Challenge and sweepstakes, as well as the newest and coolest Master Lock back-to-school accessories, can be found at  http://bit.ly/NR7e2U.  You can also visit www.facebook.com/masterlock to test your safety and security knowledge and take the Master Combo Challenge!

Disclosure: I was entered to win Master Lock back-to-school prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club for sharing this info.

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