Review: Cleaning Up Life’s Little Spills w/ The Hoover MaxExtract60 Carpet Cleaner

If you’re a parent or a pet owner, your life has lots of little spills and accidents. It just becomes part of life, and so does cleaning them up. So what do use to tackle spills and stains when it comes to your carpet, rugs and upholstery?

Recently we’ve had the opportunity to check out a new product from Hoover that’s a must for moms and dads trying to keep up with the little spills of parenthood. The Hoover MaxExtract60 Carpet Cleaner utilizes pressurized cleaning to reach deep dirt and grime, and even has a spill pick-up mode that prevents having to scrub those summer liquid spills.


Quick and easy to assemble and use, we were able to easily unpack and put our new Hoover to use. With a separated tank for water and detergent, it was easy to load with water and solution and it’s got an automatic detergent system to help distribute the right ratio of water and solution for the best cleaning results. I’ve had carpet cleaners in the past leave the carpet kind of “crunchy” from too much solution, so this is a great feature and it makes me feel better knowing that the soap residue has been removed from the floor where our kids play. The 
patented Hoover® SpinScrub® brushes loosen dirt, and you can adjust the speed for different floor services for different types of rugs and carpets.


I’ve been cleaning a couple rooms with the Hoover MaxExtract60 Carpet Cleaner this week and I’m really impressed. It’s extremely powerful and not only does a great job of getting out dirt and stains, but also removes nearly all the extra water so you don’t have wet carpets for hours after cleaning. It offers heated drying for a fast dry time too, great for when you have little stocking feet running across the floor in your way. 


One of the nice features of this machine that I didn’t notice until later was how easy it is to clean. It uses a SmartTanks™ System with separate tanks for clean and dirty water, so you can easily fill, empty and rinse each tank individually. The tank for dirty water also pops apart to make it easy to rinse and clean. Our Hoover sucked up some sand out of our carpet and this feature made it really easy to rinse the tank clean for the next use.


My only complaint about this machine is the weight. It’s very large and powerful, and that also make it very solid and somewhat heavy. While I’m fairly strong for a woman, it is heavy to carry up and down stairs, and even heavy to push. That being said the performance well  makes up for it. We’ve owned and rented a couple different carpet cleaners since we moved into our house, and this Hoover outperforms them all. It’s removed stains that I thought were there to stay, and easily cleaned what the competition missed.


Overall, I’d really recommend this machine to anyone looking for a new carpet cleaner. While the price ($230 ARV) might be higher than some of the competitor’s products, the performance is worth the extra cost alone. I’ve already given away my old cleaner and the Hoover MaxExtract60 Carpet Cleaner is in my closet to stay until our next little spill.



Look for the Hoover MaxExtract60 Carpet Cleaner at retailers near you and you can also purchase from, Amazon, and

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.





  1. I admit and admire this post’s information. I have also used this machine so many times and I want to say that it is very easy to use this machine. It is very large and powerful. I think it can perform well for you also.

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