@Jockey #Clothing Review: How Cool is Your Underwear? Seriously! #Jockeystaycool

This summer has been the hottest one I can remember here in Iowa, and much like most of you, our family is struggling to stay cool. It can be tough in this kind of heat, especially when you have to work, do stuff outside and chase kids. Who would have thought that changing your underwear would help??!!


Now we get the opportunity to review lots of unique and unusual things here at 2 Kids and a Coupon, but our first adventure into reviewing underwear has been pretty cool – literally! As part of the Jockey Inner Circle my husband and I were recently asked to become one of the “Coolest Couples” and try out Jockey’s Stay Cool Underwear.


Jockey® Staycool underwear is the only underwear that uses technology originally developed for NASA helping your skin feel up to 3 degrees cooler. Designed to help combat temperature fluctuations in space, they also work for those of us affected by the gravity (and the heat!) down here on the ground as well. With t-shirts, tanks, and underwear for both men and women, these are new and unique way to help chill out this summer and stay cool.


My husband and I have been trying out the samples we received this week and really like them. While I work in an office, so the temps don’t affect me as much, he works in an un-airconditioned factory. With temps hovering around 95 to 100 here in Iowa, and even more on the assembly line where he works, it’s a hot a sweaty job and can also cause brutal heat rash on scorcher days like this week. However his new Jockey Stay Cool shorts did the trick and he’s ready to finally change his underwear, LOL!


For more information on Jockey Stay Cool visit www.jockey.com/staycool. Look for them at retailers near you or order online here. You can also follow Jockey on Facebook here and Twitter here. 


Want to try Jockey StayCool for yourself? The first 6 readers to leave a comment below can get a 25% off and free shipping discount code!




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