How to Drink Enough Water – Keeping it Cold, Tumblers, Filters and More

Water, water everywhere. So what are you doing to make sure you drink enough?


We all hear the stats on how important water is for us, for those of us who are dieting and for our health in general.  However with lots of other options (most higher calorie!) it can sometimes be tough to get in the minimum number of glasses a day.  If you’re trying to incorporate more water into your diet, here are a few tips.



Keep it Cold
Cold water tastes better, and you’re also more likely to drink it. If you’re trying to get your family or even yourself drinking more water, try keeping cold water on hand in the fridge or even invest in a water cooler. We use our water cooler constantly, and even our kids will ask for water over other beverages.

Filter It
We live in a small, rural town where the flavor of tap water can leave something to be desired. If you’re concerned about the taste of your tap water (or what might be in it) it might be worth purchasing a filter system. There’s lots of great options that are affordable on a budget including filtered drink bottles, pitchers and more.



Get a Good Quality Water Bottle – and Use It
One of the things I’ve found, is that a good quality water bottle can make drinking water easier. Forget the cheap freebies, the ones that leak and the ones that don’t work for your type of lifestyle. Shop around and find one that is a good fit for you, even if it is a few dollars more. Tervis Tumblers and other top brands can make a huge difference in how much water you drink.



Add a Little Flavor
Life needs a little flavor, and water can too. If you’re having trouble drinking enough water, considering flavoring it with calorie free or low calorie options. I love calorie free drink mixes, and it can also be great to add a lemon wedge, lime or even cucumber for added zest.

Take it With You
If your family is always on the go,make your water go with you. Fill up reusable water bottles to take on the go, wherever your family is headed next.


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