Guest Post: Saving Tips for Stay at Home Parents

Parents at Home
In these uncertain times of global recession, where good jobs are increasingly difficult to come by and childcare costs are through the roof, more and more parents have no choice but to stay at home. In particular, the parents of more than one child are expected to pay astronomical fees for childcare – it makes you wonder how parents can afford to go out to work at all these days. Of course, most parents don’t want to sit at home all day, not earning and unable to provide treats and fun days out for their children, and many are increasingly discovering that this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. There are so many earning and saving options out there for those who choose to do a little online research for inspiration.

Survey Sites
Survey sites are becoming increasingly popular all across the globe and although they won’t make you a million dollars overnight (or indeed ever!) they are a terrific way to build up your savings. Taking surveys is incredibly simple and no skill whatsoever is required, apart from some basic internet knowledge – most can even be taken on modern smart phones if this is more convenient.

There are numerous survey sites out there, some better than others, so be careful you don’t waste too much time on something that seems a little too good to be true. Survey sites will usually pay you in cash directly into a PayPal account, or in vouchers that you can use to shop either online or in store. The average payment for taking an online survey (around 15 to 40 minutes in length) is usually around 1 to 5 dollars, or they will operate on a points system, e.g. 100 points gets you a 10 dollar Amazon voucher. Be very wary of sites offering something in the region of 20 dollars per survey as this is highly unlikely to be offered in cash or indeed in points for vouchers, and you will in most cases find that the 20 dollars you were promised is in fact 20 dollars to spend in an online gambling website! You will soon get wise to this type of site and it shouldn’t be long until you have built up a reliable list of your favourites.
Some good sites to get you started are Pinecone, Global Test Market, Vivatic, Opinion Outpost and My Surveys, but you will undoubtedly find many more. The earning potential from taking part in online surveys will naturally vary depending on how much time you can spend on them. If you are really strict with yourself and don’t spent your earnings too quickly, you could be saving a great deal over the course of, say one year, enabling you to treat yourself and your children during summer or Christmas vacations. Saving up vouchers gained through online surveys can also be a real bonus at Christmas time, enabling you to buy some of those wonderful presents your children have been dreaming of all year.


Other Online Money Saving Options
If you have a little more time to spare and would like to be making and saving a larger sum of money, then why not try a writing test for some of the online companies offering article writing and blog type jobs. No great skill is required; however English and writing skills need to be fairly good.


There are also sites that will utilize your data entry skills and sites that allow you to test products, paying you in cash, vouchers or payment in the form of keeping the item you are testing. Find out which are the best of these work from home sites by going to review sites to find out exactly how highly the public are rating them. This way you won’t waste time on the wrong sites.


Non Internet Money Saving Options
Not everyone likes having their nose stuck in a PC all day, everyday. There are many non-internet ways in which you can make and save a little money, whilst staying at home. Child minding is the obvious choice for many. Parents know only too well the cost of child minding, therefore if you can make a little extra within your own community by assisting other parents in going out to work, then why not? A little child minding is a lot different to starting your own creche and your family and friends are likely to be delighted to have a cheaper (and possibly more reliable) option.

Dog walking and pet care are also becoming increasingly popular, so if your home is a suitable environment for this type of service, you could be making money from it. Getting your kids out to the park whilst walking the dogs is a healthy alternative to staying indoors all day.


Article written by Agnese Geka, blogger and Online Marketing Executive for, which brings together fairest and most known market research companies offering to take paid online surveys in return for rewards.



  1. Thanks for sharing this. I also like Toluna for surveys.

  2. It seems like the options here are to spend less time with your kids while on the computer or to spend more time your kids and other people’s kids and less time on the computer. What if I don’t like either of those!?

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