#TV & #Movie Fun: Matthew Bomber of “White Collar” Man of Many Talents

Our next round of fun movie facts and flicks you’ll want to check out comes from one of TV’s hottest stars.

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Though White Collar and Glee stand out on Bomer’s resume, his fame is only beginning to climb. Next up, this son of a former Dallas Cowboy will be featured in Steven Soderbergh’s high-profile project, Magic Mike. From soaps to stage, Bomer has worked his way up the Hollywood ladder and in this feature, we will take a look at his career; we predict more big things in his future!




After graduating in 2000 from Carnegie Mellon’s University School of Drama, Matt Bomer found work in the soap-opera world, beginning with a small role in All My Children as Ian Kipling and followed with a portrayal of Ben Reade in CBS’s Guiding Light for two seasons.




In 2006, Bomer played the role of Eric, a Vietnam War veteran who is driving to Texas to re-enlist after his brother has been drafter, in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.




In 2009, Bomer got the lead role of con man Neal Caffrey in USA Network’s White Collar, making him a household name.  In the show, Bomer’s character is a thief on his way back to federal prison when the Special Agent who captures him offers him a deal – help him capture other criminals as part of a work-release program.




In 2011, Bomer joined Justin Timberlake on the big screen in In Time where he played Henry Hamilton, a 105-year old man who commits suicide and gives his “time” to Justin Timberlake’s character, a man who’s barely making it day by day with his handful of minutes.



Next up, Bomer can be seen in Warner Bros’ Magic Mike, a story about a veteran stripper, Magic Mike, who takes in a younger performer named The Kid, under his wing and teaches him about his expertise and the lifestyle.



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