How This #Blogger Just Got a Visit from the Fairy Hobmother

When you have a blog, you get a LOT of e-mail. Several hundred messages a day are not uncommon and we get all kinds of things landing in our inbox. There’s e-mails from companies, from readers, and from potential sponsors. Proposals, spam, updates and all kinds of things. I’ve gotten some strange and unusual messages during my time hosting this site, but the strangest e-mail I’ve ever gotten by far came in this week. Here’s how it started…..


Hi there! I’m the Fairy Hobmother, spreading light and joy across the blogosphere with the help of talented bloggers like you!


Huh? What the Heck? I admit I almost hit delete without reading the rest. Then there was more….


I tracked down your blog today and I though that you deserved a little something special in your inbox in recognition of your blogging efforts. I’m delighted to say that I’d like to send you a gift in the form of a $50 voucher for Amazon to do with as you please.


Hmmm… OK. Is this too good to be true? Most of the inquiries I get are folks wanting something from me, not to give me a gift — of this value for no particular reason. I was a little suspicious, so I did some checking around with some blogging buds and searches, and was surprised that this could be a legit thing, and that he was giving me this gift. This is all he wanted in return.


All that I’d ask is that you mention a little bit about me and my mission in one of your regular blog posts. I don’t need a whole article, just a small note, and as an added bonus if any other bloggers comment on the post I may well be getting in touch with them too!


He also asked that I mention that his fairy overlords reside here and that they enable him to keep up this mysterious mission. 

The Fairy Hobmother did indeed deliver their gift as promised, and this mom is using it for an Amazon prime subscription for my new Kindle Fire. If you’re a blogger, you’ll also want to believe in the Fairy Hobmother and hope they pay you a visit. They did say commenting below will help increase your odds of getting a mystery e-mail too!


  1. I’m a believer! I’m just picturing a children’s movie based off of this. 😛

  2. That’s awesome!!

  3. Awe what a nice surprise! It’s nice to see people helping others – because a $50 Amazon code def helps! lol.
    Although I have to admit, I would be hesitant too.

  4. Oh, Fairy Hobmother… ! :-)

  5. Valerie Peace says:

    That’s the kind of email this blogger would love to get. Congrats!

  6. Not sure if I’m supposed to comment here but I am LOL

  7. I really need a Fairy Hob-Mother! What a wonderful surprise. Hope he sees this and visits me too! And I’m saving for the Kindle Fire..How are you liking yours?

  8. As a blogger, I WISH I would get more emails like this! Sounds like a great opportunity…I’d love to get a visit from the Fairy Hobmother! 😉

  9. I wish a fairy like this would visit me :) seems like the only fairy lately in my house is the tooth fairy!

  10. Oh my gosh, this is the most adorable thing!

  11. Lauren Morrow says:

    That is an awesome and amazing gift! There are people that care! I hope someday to hear from the Fairy Hobmother 😉

  12. How exciting! I’d love a visit from a Fairy Hob-Mother!

  13. How very lovely…. I would adore for an enchanted fairy to pay me a visit, okay send me an email, but the other sounded better 😉

    Enjoy your goodies for your kindle!

  14. That’s an awesome mission of his! That has got to be the cutest thing, Fairy Hobmother! I do hope I get a visit from the Fairy Hobmother, my blog and my family would love it! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I definitely believe! I have seem the Fairy Hobmother making rounds so I know it must be real!! :)

  16. Fabulous!! I could use a Fairy right about now 😉

  17. What a sweet surprise for grownups, my little boys is working on his first tooth, hard as he can for the toothfairy. I think I’d much rather have a visit from the fairy hobmother:)

  18. wouldn’t i love to get an email like that? lol, you have NO clue :)
    i need a washer/dryer fairy to head my way!!!!
    congrats on your visitor !!!

    jumpin.beans09 at

  19. Oh yes, I believe! (Thinking about the goodies I could get for my nails, ohhhh!) Gems, and glitters and all kinds of glittery goodness that I just can’t afford to give them now.

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