Tips for Dining Out on a Diet + My @Nutrisystem Update #NSNation

Can you actually eat out in a restaurant and diet at the same time? One of the excuses I’ve used in the past for my weight is how hard it can be when you eat at restaurants a lot. We travel a lot both for work and for personal, and restaurants are a fact of life, but the truth is I was just making excuses.


Since starting Nutrisystem back in December, I’ve still be eating in restaurants regularly, but I’m still also losing weight. It is possible. It just turns out I was eating the wrong things — even some of the things I thought were “healthy”.


This week I didn’t lose any, partially because I went off the diet for a few days during a blogger event out of town. However despite a few days indulging, I also didn’t gain any either. The big thing in regards to Nutrisystem that has impacted me during the last few days, is how different I look after losing 41 pounds. I usually avoid having my picture taken, but after a weekend of constant cameras, as I look at the pictures, I do see how different — and how much better I look. I also not only feel a lot healthier, but also a lot less self conscious as well. For the first time I didn’t hide from the camera and I didn’t hate the pictures that it took.


I still have a long ways to go to meet my goal, but Nutrisystem has worked for me. This week I’ve been enjoying the bagels, the macaroni and cheese and the ice cream sandwiches. It’s possible to have a crazy schedule and still follow Nutrisystem too, even while eating out.


If you’re trying to watch what you’re eating, here are a few great tips from Nutrisystem for dining out when you’re on a diet.


• Don’t save up calories earlier in the day, but make your meal fit into your normal schedule.
• Do not starve yourself before going out.
• Avoid temptation by planning what you will order ahead of time.
• Choose the restaurant carefully.
• Check out restaurant menus online before you go.


• Feel free to make special requests, like sauces on the side.
• Think portion control at all times.
• Just say no to complimentary bread baskets, tortilla chips or fried noodles.
• Change your focus from “getting your money’s worth” to enjoying the entire dining experience.
• Position your mindset before you enter a restaurant that YOU are in charge of what you eat.


• Pace yourself; eat slowly and put your utensil down between bites, take frequent beverage sips, and try to be the last one to finish.
• Ask for a “to go” container up front.
• Leave food on your plate.
• Signal the waitperson to remover your plate as soon as you’re finished.


• Don’t equate a bloated feeling or clean plate with fullness.
• Give your stomach time to tell your brain it’s full (approximately 20 minutes).


• Try noticing the sights, smells and music in the air.
• Appreciate being waited on and not having to cook or clean up.
• Enjoy yourself! Dining out is a special treat, so savor every bite until you’re comfortable satisfied, but not uncomfortably stuffed!

*Fitness ideas are courtesy of Nutrisystem’s website. 


Disclosure- Nutrisystem is providing their meal program and support services for my participation in the NutrisystemNation Blogging Program. All opinions are my own. I’m truly excited about this opportunity!   Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting 



  1. Amy Orvin says:

    Those are all really great tips. Dieting is hard. So, when I am dieting and want to go out to eat I always Think portion control.

  2. Rebecca Parsons says:

    One thing I do is if chicken is available I take grilled instead of fried. Instead of potatoes I always get the steam vegetables.

  3. Weight loss is not an easy road. I am 72 years young and since 50 I have been dieting. Here I am again, trying to lose 40 pounds. God bless those of you who lose weight AND keep it off.

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