Review & #Giveaway – Stowing Recycling Out of Site w/ The @Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler – Ends 4/2

The last week here at 2 Kids and a Coupon, the warm weather has inspired spring cleaning and my husband and I have been working on getting our house, garage, cupboards and closets more organized. We’ve been cleaning out and donating unneeded items, and also trying to find the perfect storage solutions to help us remain a little more organized.


This past week we’ve had the opportunity to try out the new Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler that gets recyclables off the counter and hidden out of sight. We recycle a LOT here at 2 Kids and a Coupon, however sometimes this can cause a bit of clutter since our recycling is only picked up every couple weeks. This handy bag attaches to the inside of a cabinet door with hooks included with the product or screws to have a neat, clean and hidden place to stow your recyclables. The 5 gallon bag that holds up to 36 12-ounce cans and can fit a milk jug, and has a leak-proof liner and is machine washable to make it easy to clean after any unexpected spills. It’s also got a convenient handle allows the bag to easily be transported to wherever your recycling is stored for pick-up or transport. The bag is also soft-sided allowing for flexibility inside any cabinet.


This product is a very cool and discreet way to make recycling handy, even when you have limited space. While I wasn’t sure how much it could hold due to the compact size when I got it, the bag is surprisingly spacious and holds a great deal. It works great for all your recycling, or (if you’re in a state with a bottle and can redemption policy like Iowa) it would also work great for saving your containers for redemption. It’s convenient to use while cooking and dodging toddlers, and it’s also can be placed in a spot where you can teach your kids to assist with recycling. 


The bag and all packaging is made from recyclable material, and the product is recyclable. The Hidden Recycler is currently available for purchase online at and in store at Meijer locations for a suggested retail price of $15.99. For more information on this product visit Rubbermaid’s website here. You can also follow them on Facebook here and Twitter here. You can also follow their Adventures in Organization Blog


One lucky 2 Kids and a Coupon reader is also going to win a Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler to make recycling easier in their home. See below for how to enter. 




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Disclosure: I received a sample of this product for purposes of a review.. However no compensation was given and the opinions expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. 2 Kids and a Coupon only recommends products that we would personally use or would recommend for our readers and their families, but your opinions and experiences may vary.


  1. Yes we are spring cleaning and rearranging around the house.

  2. Jenna Parsons says:

    We are spring cleaning this weekend! And to help get organized, we are first having a garage sale to get rid of some clutter.

  3. Jenna Parsons says: I left a blog comment :)

  4. I have been slowly doing some spring cleaning. I have went through the kids toys and i’m trying to get rid of those that they don’t play with. Then i’m going to start going through all of my stuff and get rid of things i don’t need :)

  5. Jonita Taylor says:

    I have started spring cleaning and trying to grt rid of clutter.

  6. Gail Gray says:

    We had storm damage in January and are still in boxes. I’m craving getting back to normal so I get do a good cleaning. I think the tip I like best is: “If you’re rearranging the pantry, don’t stop to clean the refrigerator.” In other words, finish one task and don’t get pulled off track with another one.

  7. Jess Lundgren says:

    I am spring cleaning WHILE I am organizing, to get ready for my spring garage sale.

  8. Done some spring cleaning but even more next week

  9. carolynn ferraro-king says:

    this is the time of year when i get all my business stuff together. My tip is to take all your receipts and scan them to your computer to get rid of all the paper clutter. also scan any other important documents.. This is my way of filing away.

  10. Edward Pena says:

    I’ve been trying to get alittle organized while doing some spring cleaning.

  11. jeannine s says:

    I am spring cleaning and organizing/. I start with the room I dread the most. If I do it first it seems like I have less to do

  12. I’m taking it room by room and taking my time and cleaning everything completely. Also going through everything to donate to Good Will. hopefully getting rid of some of our clutter and getting a super clean house!

  13. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I just started going thru things, getting rid of things I don’t need.

  14. Monica Tompkins (@MnJSponsoredWed) says:

    I just need to dust the blinds and organize the crawl space

  15. I deep clean a couple rooms every spring, but not all.

  16. I haven’t been doing much spring cleaning yet just trying to maintain some level of cleanliness on the surface!

  17. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    facebook comment:
    blog comment:
    thanks for the giveaway

  18. Erika P. says:

    I started my spring cleaning this week going room by room organizing and getting rid of clutter, but I still have a lot more to do.

  19. TRACY SIMMS says:

    trying to spring clean but still need to do the other stuff like cook, wash clothes, etc..

  20. Jessica S. says:

    Going through my pantry and throwing out expired things…

  21. Christine says:

    I need to start spring cleaning! I bought some natural glass cleaner today. I use cloth diapers to clean the windows!

  22. Yes I did start some spring cleaning with this great early nice weather. I already had my daughter go through her clothes and sort out anything she outgrew. I boxed them up and sold them on craigslist. I also cleaned all the carpets recently for a overall freshening in our house.

  23. I think or fool myself to thinking I have it under wraps, then oh boy- yes we declutter and clean and prep for things to be open and airy

  24. Debra Getsinger says:

    Trying to get organized around here!!!!!

  25. Yes we are spring cleaning and rearranging around the house.

  26. Getting our house organized cleaned takes a LOT of nagging, pushing, motivation, bribing, and whatever else you can think of to get it done. But we are slowly working on it. We have at least 4 bags to go to Goodwill so far.

  27. Jennifer says:

    We are spring cleaning, it’s rough going :( My best hint is just to keep chugging!

  28. I am spring cleaning when we move, so I am holding off until May or June

  29. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    facebook comment:

  30. Renee B. says:

    Trying to spring clean, wish I had tips but feel like its a losing battle with 2 kids.

  31. I haven’t started yet, but I’m going to get rid of anything I haven’t used within a year!

  32. Gladys Parker says:

    My only tip is to give away or throw away as much as possible.
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  33. Michelle says:

    Spring cleaning & getting organized one room at a time

  34. christine jessamine says:

    i am still spring cleaning, my tip is to not hold on to things you don’t use

  35. Yes, we are spring cleaning out all of my daughers clothing that doesn’t fit anymore and passing it along to others who may need it.

  36. Terri D says:

    I just started my spring cleaning today. Finished one room!

  37. Spring Cleaning is never done until summer

  38. Sabrina Radke says:

    My tip, if you don’t use it NOW get rid of it!

  39. I just did my spring cleaning and had a HUGE garage sale!

    Samantha d

  40. We clean 20 minutes every day to keep the house decluttered!

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