2 Kids and a Coupon Reader Tips: How to Save Time in the Kitchen — Part 3

2 Kids and a Coupon

During a recent giveaway, I asked 2 Kids and a Coupon readers for their tips for saving time in the kitchen. Here are some more of their tips for making cooking a little easier. Watch for more reader tips coming soon!

I always preheat the oven before the food is ready to go in,that way i’m not standing around waiting for it to get hot – Crystal

Prep lots of ingredients for the week on weekends to save time during the week. I usually save time by making a big batch of something for the week on Sunday (usually lunch). I don’t really get sick of food, so I’m okay with eating the same lunch over the week. – Serafina

I do a week plan what to cook. And then i double the sizes, so i can freeze that meal and use it in a few days again :) – mare

I save time by enlisting the help of everyone in the family and give each a small part of the job. – Margaret

I save time by using things from the night before. (ie. if we were bbqing steaks the night before I would cook the chicken too and then save it and use it for a different recipe the next day!) – Dawnjane

I make time and I cook many meals and freeze them. It is the only way for me! – Susan

I make a lot of meals ahead of time, so it is really easy to heat them up during the week! – amyd

I save time by prepping ahead. I’ll chop up things once throughout the week and keep individual containers in the fridge for later use. – michtuck

I use my crock pot whenever I can. I put the ingredients in the pot in the morning and when we get home dinner is ready. – Sarah

We make large batches so we have plenty of leftovers. – Jennifer


  1. tammy dodson says:

    these are some great ideas

  2. Kelly Reynolds says:

    Great tips!

  3. Tracie Trump says:

    love the weekly meal plan idea and I definitely a fan of my crockpot

  4. Tracie Trump says:

    love the weekly meal plan idea and I definitely a fan of my crockpot, thanks for the great tips!

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